Marine awareness is a discipline which is getting more attention day by day. Actions of global organisations like Project AWARE or Shark Angels bring the importance of marine awareness into our daily lives. Not only these big players in the awareness movement make a difference - we can all act in the spirit of marine conservation and awareness. 

Every effort counts

Like most movements actions start with little steps. You choose your diving destination carefully, you respect marine life and you make your point when it comes to marine awareness in general. If you want to go a step further there is always room for more activity. The easiest way to make sure that marine awareness is not only a theory but also a spirit which is followed is to tell people what you expect them to do.
First of all it is important to be a role model on how you act underwater. It helps to make your case for marine awareness and conservation if you are telling your group the rules for diving with you. It certainly also helps when you live up to what you told people before the dive. The same thing goes if you are an instructor. You are not supposed to swim so close over the reef that you kick coral, fans and sponges with your fins... especially when you are teaching an advanced diving training where elements like buoyancy should not be a fundamental part of the training anymore.

What we do

To be able to live up to our high expectations in the field of marine awareness and marine conservation, Quality-Diving follows a few simple rules:

We don't touch anything to see what it feels like --- We don't harass animals or plants by getting to close --- 
We keep our distance from reefs and animals --- We don't get ourselves into situations we can't manage properly

These rules are easy to follow but you see them being broken on almost every dive. No matter what level of experience the divers have. Usually the more experienced divers get the less they care about marine life and the more "I know how stuff works underwater" attitude kicks in. If these values for marine awareness and conservation are important to you and you want a guide with the same mindset please let us know and we can certainly assist you.

Importance of marine conservation and awareness

No matter if the animals who are facing extinction are seen as friendly, gentle and "nice" or if they are seen as dangerous, mean and killing machines: they all deserve respect - by diving we invade their territory and not the other way around. Animals which need the biggest amount of support by marine awareness and conservation programs at the moment clearly are sharks of any kind - the bigger they are the more protection they need, rays - especially mantas but also stingrays and eagle rays, whales - since the international moratorium about whaling from 1986 is not entirely respected - and dolphins which get caught up in longline fishing nets.

All these animals used to be able to coexist with humans for hundreds of years - let's try to make it back on the road of a peaceful coexistence. This way of peaceful marine awareness and conservation is the only way we can ensure that generations after us will still be able to see the miracles of underwater life the way we now have the possibility to see it.

Do something!

If you want to become an active part of the whole marine awareness and conservation community there are a lot of ways to participate. You can participate in cleanup days, volunteers are needed for various marine conservation projects or the easiest way: Donate to a cause you want to support - although doing something yourself and getting the satisfaction from seeing what you have done will never be the same.

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.