Thomas enjoying a sunset after a good day of tec divingAbout Thomas Kempf:
After starting to dive in 2005 in Cyprus I visited the island of Utila in Honduras for the second time in April 2006. First it took a moment to convince me to star the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification but once hooked I knew diving would become my passion. I decided to take a longer break before studying so I went back to Utila in July 2006 to continue my dive courses. Having had a great mentor and met a lot of nice people these 8 weeks were so far the best I have ever experienced in diving. First I had to do my PADI Rescue Diver which was by far the best course I have taken so far. You start feeling so much safer after this course just because you know how to react in certain situations underwater and at the surface. Then I went straight on to the PADI Divemaster Course where you basically learn everything you have to know to also become a PADI Instructor. It took me roughly 5 weeks to complete all the confinded and open water session including studying the encyclopedia of diving and doing all the knowledge reviews plus the Divemaster exams. During the time I was doing my Divemaster it was mostly fundiving. Sometimes we had other divers to guide. Since there was not enough time after completing my Divemaster course I decided not to go for the PADI Instructor rather than take a few specialities. This is how I got the various certifications. One of the best experiences was definitely first the PADI Dolphin/Atlantis Rebreather course as Semi Closed Rebrearther (SCR) course and to be completely quiet I also did my Closed Circuit Rebreather Course (CCR) with a Poseidon MK VI. You find a detailed report about my CCR experience in my article. If you are more about the extremes in diving you may want to try TEC an Trimix diving. I also wrote an article about this amazing experience. Quality-Diving is the right choice for me because of the mindset what we stand for and what services we offer. The longer I work with Quality-Diving the more I realise what quality means.

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