In times where everyday life gets more and more stressful and hectic people are looking for a way to relax and calm down from their stressful daily business. Diving is as much about sport and physical fitness as it is about mental fitness. Mental balance is crucial to be able to enjoy diving with all its aspects. Dive training and diving in general also gives you the opportunity to focus on the mission at hand and put all your mental focus on the given tasks. We provide such training and help you to either take a break from your stressful daily routine or challenge you if you want to grow as a team. Let us know and we can help you arrange a trip to bring you to a whole new level of challenge.

Mental fitness

Not only do we have to be on top of our game during a working day the whole time but we also have to be able to relax so our mental state stays in balance. Therefore an intense working environment demands - depending on the type of person you are - a rather intense relaxing or you want to get back to yourself rather smoothly and in a gentle way. Both approaches work totally fine with diving as a mental training. Most people are in unfamiliar environment and therefore have to shift all their mental and physical attention to the tasks they have to cope with at the moment. If people are already experienced in diving there are always things to get the excitement back and therefore the mental focus away from work. We gladly help you with guided diving trips.

By yourself or as a team

Certainly diving helps you as an individual to learn a lot about yourself and your physical and mental fitness. The findings you will get out of the training when you do it in a group will be even more intense. Even if you know all the people you will do the training with on land you will get to know them from a completely different side underwater. Every personality deals differently with the mental and physical challenges. You will find yourself in an unfamiliar environment where you can not just talk to each other or call someone to find a solution. Totally unknown challenges will be waiting for you. Suddenly you have to trust a a person completely when it comes to emergency scenarios. Diving is one of the most powerful ways to get a group together and do teambuilding exercises. The mental and physical challenges the team will face only occur like that in an underwater environment. For people new to diving some training is required and for people already certified we will be able to find a dive challenge according to their skillset.

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