Once you are planning a diving trip abroad you may want some company. This could be because you feel more comfortable with a buddy you can trust, because you like travelling with company or simply because you would like to have someone with experience in the conditions you will find in your chosen destination. This is where Quality-Diving comes in! We offer freelance dive guiding services according to our certifications.

If you already know where you want to go we gladly join you - if you are still in the process of finding your diving destination we do provide support with professional expertise in finding the right level of diving challenge for you. Having experience in the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea we gladly help you with the the diving destination of your choice. The spot chosen to go diving at is an ideal mix of you being comfortably challenged and hopefully getting to see and experience what you came for.

It is your job to tell us what you would like to do and see such as: wrecks, sharks, rays, big fish, whales, turtles, sponges, seahorses, coral, TEC, Trimix or CCR. We will make it happen and assist in any possible way to guarantee a diving experience you will not forget. Tailoring is what we do best and this is also the reason why you want us to support you with your diving trip!

Since we do have staff that speaks English, German, French and Spanish we can certainly assist in communication if there should be a need for it.

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.