When it comes to diving holidays a lot of questions come up. Some fundamental questions have to be answered to ensure that you get the most satisfactory experience out of your diving holidays. A few that are necessary are:

- Are the holidays dedicated diving holidays?
- What kind of diving trip would you like to do?
- Which level of diving skills do you bring?
- What are your expectations for these diving holidays?
- Do you want to be diving from a liveaboard or do you want to dive with daily boats?

As we are confronted with some of these questions regularly we also wrote articles about exactly this topic in the past. A general "how to" is shortly described in the article how to choose a diving destination whereas the article (dive)experience needed on a liveaboard focuses more on liveaboard only holidays. A general question that comes up in these discussions frequently, too is the one about rough conditions and how to deal with this particular situation.

Since these are sometimes hard questions answer all by yourself do not hesitate to contact us if you want a second opinion or advise on where to dive next. We do have a network of partners around the world and we will find the right spot to make it an unforgettable diving experience for you. Furthermore we will publish experience gathered on our own diving expeditions and share them with you as soon as we get back from the trips.

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.