A well established business is mostly built on a positive customer feedback. Not only does it give you confidence in what you are doing and that you are obviously doing it right but at one point satisfied customers will start to do free advertisement for you. When you reach a high customer satisfaction they will post about you in forums and tell their diving friends about your diveshop or your diving organisation. This is the point you want to get to and to achieve such a customer satisfaction a lot of pieces have to work together in you diving operation.

To ensure the best possible customer satisfaction for people diving with you there are certain rules that have to be followed as in any other professional business. Your product needs to match with the customers expectation. Ideally you overwhelm the customer by making the stay unique!

Certainly you do have satisfied customers who come back regularly since they like the atmosphere, the divespots or the things they see underwater. The goal now has to be that this solid foundation of customers gets bigger and therefore an overall satisfaction and positive association come to mind when your diving operation is mentioned. We help you maximising you customer satisfaction by focussing on the quality of the following points.


When desired we provide our analysis of your business according to our assessment. This standardised report has been proven to work with many different types of diving organisations. We have the possibility to adjust our criteria accoring to your business and get an even more tailored result with the focus on the topics you want to address.

Marketing support

Your customes are satisfied, happy and overwhelmed after their stay and you have to talk about it! Stay in touch with your customers, get them to give you feedback and make sure they understand that they will be welcome when they get back anytime! We assist you in marketing support regarding coordinated online marketing activities, specific mailings, diveshow appearances and of course customer reception and handling in general.

Mystery diving

Are you looking for a challenge to prove you really are up to speed on the customer satisfaction front? Get in touch with us and hire us to do mystery diving for you. Tell us the area you would like us to focus on and we can get you a detailed report with different criteria according to your specific needs. In this field of business customer satisfaction is cruicial and therefore a unique advantage to have when it comes to competition.

Sustainable quality
By maintaining a high standard of quality in your diving operation you ensure the return of your satisfied customers. Furthermore good feedback in forums and social media will push your positive reputation and support your professionalism and the quality you deliver.

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.