The key to success in the diving industry is the same as in any other business: a solid idea, a good business model and an excellent customer satisfaction. In the part of the leisure industry where fun is the main sales good this is often forgotten. Most people who run a diving business with the focus on the excitement of the customers. Mostly you can make a living of it for a while. People come in and they enjoy the diving, the good times and the laid back spirit of the people teaching them. In times of good economy and a lot of customers this mostly works fine. In harder times where countries get bad publicity or people want to spend their money on quality diving holidays or dive training a proper business plan is what you need to make the difference. Quality-Diving offers you expertise in various fields of work in the diving industry.

Business planning

You have to know the diving business and the mechanics of the diving industry. How do you attract people? How do you keep customers happy and make them come back? We provide expertise in the area of customer satisfaction and general marketing.
Other questions when starting or remodelling your diving operation are the financial aspects. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in business accountancy we know where to focus on to get your diving business on the right track.

Process analysis and optimisation

A lot of diving operations do business as it comes. Sometimes invoices are made by hand, sometimes by e-mail - some people pay cash with a discount, some in advance via an online service. All these processes can lead to a loss in efficiency in your diving operation. These steps have to be reviewed from time to time. It is important that your diving business is focussed on the main task it shoud: Teach diving or guide people diving - and make money with it! This is where disciplines like of process implementation and general dive business setup come in to ensure a profitable quality diving operation.

Improve revenue with a tight value chain

Keeping your diving business streamlined and customer oriented is not an easy task. You have to be constantly aware that you have to take care of a dive base as of any other business. Therefore you continuously have to check all the steps from the first contact of a potential customer until the invoice is made. Obviously you also want him to come back to do more diving with you so you will also have to keep him interested in your dive operation. We gladly assist you with your marketing efforts or with support to boost your customer satisfaction - to achieve your main goal: create a successfull diving operation!

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