In booming industries such as e-commerce, marketing, social media or IT in general you hear a lot about quality and how to make it sustainable. Experts can argue for hours why they just found the right way of quality assurance to make their particular business more reliable and therefore sustainable. One fundamental question will most likely not be answered during all these business discussions and debates: What is quality? What do these business people mean when they talk about quality? What is their own expectation and standard of quality? These questions can be asked in almost any environment - personal life, business, sports. For every person you ask about a "definition" for quality you will get at least one answer.

Business models in the diving industry

As Quality-Diving we are convinced that a business is only able to survive if it is the goal of the whole team of any business operation to do their best for the business every day. Since there is a lot of competition in the diving industry it is very important to understand how to succeed. As usual there are at least two ways to establish a successful dive business:

  1. Keep your business expenses low, get a high amount of new diving customers in on a regular base and have a high velocity in "processing" them. Depending ond what dive training they want they are in your "processing tube" longer than a usual standard customer. With an effect of economies of scale you could also use synergies by centralising services such as invoicing, marketing or customer support. The quality of your diving operation may ok and as long as you are aware that your reputation will be "factory diving" rather than "the quality adventure diving experience" you are absolutely on track with your dive business strategy.

  2. Listen to your potential customers and focus on the dive markets needs. Be agile, talk to opinion leaders of the diving industry and keep your network in the diving community updated about your services in the dive business. Open new areas of business and try different approaches. Never stop improving the quality of your diving operation, find new ways to be seen as the innovation leader which provides quality diving services. With Quality-Diving we try this regularly - latest examples are mystery diving, process thinking for dive operations or business consultancy in general.

Both models have their advantages - depending on your environment a carefully conducted business analysis and strategy assessment has to be conducted to find out what works best for every single dive business. However it will still be highly dependent on a factor no business person likes too much: Luck. You have all your business plans ready, advertisements are done in dive journals and yo may even have a proper website where your services are described and customers are happy when they leave. This is where the professional businessman has to step into your diving operation.

Definition of quality for Quality-Diving
Business models are not created good or bad. It comes down to the implementation of a set of rules, roles and behaviours under different circumstances: All in all called processes. Therefore the definition of the term quality in a business such as the diving industry comes down to enforcing processes! Some people may be scared by these terms now but it is not as formalistic as it sounds. Business processes simply help you to deal with situations which occur frequently in a systematic and consistent way. Handling the enquiry of a potential customer in a standardised way helps the daily business to focus on exceptions like the late delivery of Oxygen tanks or engine problems on a dive boat. As experts in business analysis Quality-Diving gladly assists you with the development of these processes.

Gain quality - gain business maturity
By following the same procedures and processes repeatedly the dive business will profit by gaining a higher business maturity. Not only will it help to get the daily business done faster with a higher quality in the dive operation but it will also allow the dive shop managmenet to plan ahead. No business - and therefore no diving operation - is perfect. With an increasing predictability of the dive business it is possible to adopt change earlier than your competition. Once again this will give the diving operation and advantage on the market. The next higher level of quality is reached and the dive business will get even more rewarding - not only on the business level but also on the individual level of every member of the staff who helped develop the successful dive company!