To ensure you stay on top of your game and will be running a profitable and successful diving business you need working processes. These processes generally start with the first contact of a possible guest or a travel agency. Besides working as dive guide or dive instructor we as Quality-Diving focus strongly on the business aspects of diving and provide a wide range of services in this business area. In this article we try to give you a rough overview of steps and processes within a diving adventure of a customer. The view on these business processes are always described from the diving operations point of view. Thanks to our extensive knowledge in various industries we gained tremendous knowledge in optimising and aligning processes in different business situations.


First contact

The process of first contact is very critical and therefore not quantity but quality of the communication is important. You don't know your potential guest yet and they don't know how much of your response is just selling a dive package or if everything your tell them is real and true. Potential customers reach your diving operation either directly or via travel agency of their choice. The most important rule there is to get back to the potential customer fast and with accurate information. If the information about your business, your training possibilities or your divesites are accurate guests will be happy with their choice. The first step to successful customer satisfaction is in the first contact. Wether it is a travel agency you have worked with for years or if it is a possible guest who contacts you the first time. As a quality diving operation in an industry flooded with diving destinations you only get half a chance to make an excellent first impression! We gladly provide assistance in the area of customer satisfaction activities to get you the visibility needed in the diving industry for your diving operation.

During the stay

Once the guests arrived it is your responsibility as a quality diving operation that you guarantee their absolute enjoyment during the stay. It is the quality of how you present things which gives your guests a good impression of your diving operation. Normally your guests will be excited about arriving at your dive shop and check out everything first. While you explain the procedures in your dive shop they will listen to you and most likely can't wait until they get in the water for the first time. The process of familiarising your guests with your diving operation is very important. While the guests are still excited you can make them feel at home in your quality diving operation. Your guests have to be welcome and enjoy their stay in the best possible way. As diving operation it is your job to ensure that your guests get the most out of it and that when they leave they do so with a smile on their face. Once you reach this level of customer satisfaction you know that you and your diving operation do a lot of things right.


In case you provide accommodation as a package with the diving make sure that everything is setup and coordinated between the quality diving operation and the place which is responsible for the accommodation. Should you not provide accommodation within oyur dive package make sure that the stay of your guests is inline with the experience you are selling as a diving operation. If you focus on high-end guests you will not make them stay in a backpackers and vice versa. The same importance goes for recommendations of restaurants and bars. If you manage this sub-process in a satisfying manner and maybe meet your guests after diving for drinks or dinner - you not just made them more at home but they trust you and your judgement. Should you consider to widen your business area, since you see an opportunity to add value for your diving business, let us help you with our insights in the diving industry.


Since your guests are with your quality diving operation to have a good time it is best to do the whole invoicing process before their trip. This ensures that your guests can enjoy their stay as much as possible without worrying about costs. Maybe some additional expenses may come up for rental equipment or additional dive training they decide to do. Usually these costs are paid with no discussion. There may be arguments from the clients side if the weather was bad or the accommodation was not what they expected. Safe yourself some trouble and define these processes in an early stage of the relationship. It will safe your diving operation a lot of unnecessary trouble and the guests will only keep good memories. Payment possibilities we have seen so far reach from normal invoices to credit cards or PayPal accounts. Facilitating this process clearly adds quality to your guests quality diving holidays.

Post-stay treatment

Once your guests left your little quality diving paradise they would like nothing more than returning to where they just wore - your diving operation! To ensure you are not forgotten and your guests still talk (hopefully) positively about the experience they had you have to remind them of you. Get their e-mail address and send them newsletters, invite them to your Facebook group so they stay informed. Little things will always remind them of you in a positive way. This post-stay process is often conducted for the first few weeks/months. Such a post-stay guest treatment should be easy to handle for your diving operation and will give you a lot of additional customer satisfaction. Keep them informed and remind them of your diving operation - that's it! Since we have some experience with customer satisfaction topics and how to keep guests informed - we gladly share it.

Frequent guests

Guests who stay with you multiple times are always happy to see familiar faces. They remember the boats captains name and what they saw the last time when diving with your quality diving operation. Make sure exactly these guests keep coming back! These guests build a solid foundation for a successful quality diving operation and sometimes it is a good idea to create special offers for them. Quality-Diving, that is why they come back!