A diving operation works like any other business – apart from the fact that you get to dive and give people an exclusive insight in the underwater world. Once your diving operation is successful in delivering quality diving everyone will be happy. To en sure the quality of the diving operation stays on this high level checks have to be performed. The staff of the diving operation has to be aware that the one thing that is ensuring their income are satisfied customers who return to dive with such a quality diving operation.

There are multiple ways to ensure a high customer satisfaction and therefore keep the quality of the diving operation high. It is certainly important to know business processes in the diving industry and what people expect of a quality diving operation. Besides that as an owner of a quality diving operation you have to adapt constantly to changing situations in the diving industry. There may be new technologies like Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) diving which are getting more popular or suddenly are more interested in TEC/Trimix diving or maybe the diving operation is not able to hold up the quality standard it would like to.

Why mystery diving?

How do you assess the professionalism and performance of the staff within your diving operation and at the same time make sure you are not looking away if something is headed completely into the wrong direction? You don't! When you know your diving operation well enough and therefore also its weak spots you will most likely fill the weak spots with explanations why things can not be done in an other way but only like this. At the point where you realise that something may be wrong with the "quality" diving operation you are responsible for - it may be too late... this is where Quality Diving can help you out with a special mystery diving service!

What is mystery diving?

The approach of mistery diving originates from the common approach of mystery clients in various fields of business. Since people most of the time don't see the challenges in their own business since they have been in it for so long a fresh pair of eyes helps to get new inputs. Most of the time out of these inputs possible solutions solutions result for your diving operation so you get back to where you were: a quality diving operation! A wide range of topics can be covered in such a mistery diving "mission". Most of the time we are hired by managers of a diving operation which wants an unbiassed view on their diving operation. Thanks to our wide area of expertise as Quality Diving we provide this mystery diving service in various fields relevant for a diving business such as operations (invoicing, customer treatment), diving (equipment, training, guiding) and marketing (e-commerce, social media, response times, print media).

Mystery diving - what now?

Once all the findings of the mystery diving activities are gathered and discussed with the client - most of the time this is the manager of the diving operation - actions are defined and have to be put into action. We gladly assist you in putting the defined actions in place and to get your diving operation back to the quality standard you once set for your quality diving operation. In case any questions remained unanswered about our mystery diving service you are welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.