Almost everyone at one stage in his or her life has had an idea like "let's start a band!" or "I will start my own business!". Most ideas are great and could work if put into action with thorough planning. The same goes for facilities in the diving business. It sounds easy and yet it is so hard to get profitable and successful diving business up and running. You just got back from an amazing dive trip somewhere in the Maldives, Indonesia or South Africa and can't help thinking of starting your own diving business and start a career for in the diving industry. A few weeks go by and you remember the good times you had on that diving trip. This is the moment when you realise: "I have to try it! I have to open my own dive shop and get into the diving industry - the diving business was waiting just for me to realise it!"


In this exact moment you are so enthusiastic that everyhting is basically working already. You have your diveshop somewhere, guests are there, the invoicing is working properly and of course since all your guests are happy they tell their friends and suddenly your diving business is growing enormously. The ideal world works completely as you see it in your imagination. (Un)fortunately it is a long way to get your own diving business that far.

Positive guests and environment

Thanks to proper organisation in most diving facilities the guests go home with a good feeling and nice memories. Nevertheless this is only half the truth. When you are standing on the other side of this counter of your own diving business it's a whole different story. You work hard to make precisely all these little things go the way they should. It starts when you organise the tanks, the boat captains and of course the snacks for the guests for the surface interval during the dives. At one point you think of invoicing since your diving business actually lives from the money your guests pay.

Guests will be visiting your shop because they found via travel agency, recommendations on forums/Twitter/Facebook or because of friends who liked the stay. Always keep in mind: In the leisure industry (as in most other industries, too) people do not talk much about their positive experience but rather about the negative. In a field of work like the diving industry where you are responsible for your dive shops revenue and a good reputation in the diving industry nothing counts more than good personal experience! If you would like us to support you in any of the areas mentioned above regarding your diveshop or any diving business: we provide marketing assistance for diving business of any kind!

STOP - Breathe - Think - Act

STOP: When people are in an euphoric state of mind you find a solution for everything.
Breathe: Focus on your goal of getting involved in the diving industry. Make yourself familiar with the way the diving industry works: How possible guests could find you - how the diving industry communicates - who the big players in diving are.
Think: Let people with other backgrounds have a look at your plans. Ask an accountant if the numbers are justified in the diving industry or if you should change them. Other thoughts which should be considered before you start the adventure of a diveshop or a diving operation in general are: What risks may arise at the location of your future dive shop - do you have enough business knowledge to lead a diveshop - is there a demand for a diving business at my preferred destination?
Act: Be serious about the transition from a regular job to into the diving and therefore leisure industry! Let the critics behind and go your way into your future in the diving business and open your own diveshop!

Control your numbers

Once you go for it and act on your plan one thing cruicial in the diving industry as in any other business: Control your numbers frequently. Set goals (key performance indicators - KPIs) before you start your diveshop. These may be different depending on your focus: Monthly number of diving and non diving guests  - diving courses sold - overall balance sheet compared to planning. Since you planned numbers you also planned for deviation from them. Keep track of deviations and stick to defined exit points. If your diving operation is getting off the track - stick to the plan!

Stick to the plan - have a backup

Just in case the plan of your own diving business doesn't go the way you planned it: Be honest to yourself and face the facts. Maybe it was not the right spot to open a diveshop or your diving business unfortunately is situated in an area where you have natural catastophes or political instability which prevents possible guests from your business. This is where your backup plan has to come in. Before you start the "adventure" diving business with your own diveshop you have to have a plan b! Make sure that you don't burn all your savings in the enthusiastic phase of the startup of the diveshop and you have a place to go back to if needed. You can certainly use the entrepreneurial experience you gained somewhere back in a different way.

Be successful!

When things with your diving business go according to the plan - enjoy your success and be proud of what you achieved! We gladly assist you with the setup of a completely new diving business operation. We also offer services to review existing diving business operations and propose improvements in the area of guest handling, marketing activities, social media usage and corporate communications always with one goal: improve your diving operation facility!