As a service provider within the diving industry we provide exclusive services throughout all the business areas of diving there are. Thanks to our experience we are able to offer our quality services in a variety of business areas througout the diving industry. Quality-Diving provides all the offered services with only one focus: Quality!

Freelance Dive Guiding

When you are looking for the special places or rare animals in diving and a standard itinerary to get there: it will be a challenge. Thanks to our network of diving professionals, travel agencies and a profound knowledge of where to go diving to see what you want we can assist you on your journey! Since our diving professionals are trained to dive under extreme conditions we will gladly guide you on the trip to fulfill your dreams.

Teaching Diving

As preparation for your diving journey of a lifetime you may need additional dive training. You are most welcome to do these trainings with us and get ready for the ultimate diving challenge which is waiting for you.

Dive Business Consulting

Thanks to our extensive experience in business consulting we started offering these services tailored to the diving industry a few years ago. When it comes to optimising value chains and improve general processes dive business owners sometimes get scared. At this point we step in and help with profound knowledge and advice. No matter if it is a diving startup which needs a review of they business plan, an existing diving business which wants an outside view on its processes or a general quality improvement of the diving operation. We offer our expertise and get your diving business on track!

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in the diving industry starts before they get into their BCD - it's the proper treatment of the customer throughout the relationship between the diving operation and the customer. This means a good customer satisfaction - and therefore a good reputation - never ends! Since most diving operations focus on the actual stay of the customer most forget the pre- and post-stay phase. Fast answers may give you additional bookings and season's greetings may remind them of their wonderful diving holidays they had.
To support your diving business with the necessary information we offer services such as Mystery Diving where we screen your diving operation during a certain period of time for potential improvements. The results of the Mystery Diving period is delivered to the client in a consolidated way with the findings and possible improvements.

Marketing Support

Getting potential customers to know your diving business is hard work. We provide knowledge and hands on experience on how to boost your visibility and the way you are seen within the diving industry! This can be a hands on support by helping you generating new marketing content for different marketing containers or by boosting your diving operations online presence.

Mental Training

In times where everyday life gets more stressful day by day people want to back out of their regular environment and find a way to relax with the same intensity. Diving gives people the opportunity to focus completely on something new or a different challenge. Not only can dive training be used to get people out of society but also to build up powerful teams. New challenges await people while diving and they have to cope with them instantly - as a team and while diving!

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.