The expression "Quality-Diving" stands for an attitude and a mindset towards diving. For us quality in diving stands for amazing encounters between divers and marinelife while we respect the (underwater) environment as what it is: pure beauty.

Everything leading up to this moment  when all your dreams come true is our passion: Gliding along an endlsess wall, exploring an amazing wreck, seeing a Whale Shark for the first time or being in the water with a Great White Shark counts towards the experience we want to invite you to. We like the challenge of dive spots and conditions which are hard to cope with. An expedition like this starts way ahead of the dive itself. We consider the whole journey from the moment you get into the airplane until you get back home as one big positive experience - this is Quality-Diving!

Quality also stands for service excellence in everything that leads up to this very moment - the daily business with all it's challenges. For these moments we provide you with a range of services tailored for divers. If you want assistance for a diving trip and a private dive guide or if you want to take your dive training to the next level: We can certainly be of assistance. Let's find a common goal and work towards it - challenge us!

Marine Awareness

Due to increased demands of our society for oil, transportation and other resources the oceans are losing a lot of their beauty in an incredible short amount of time. As responsible divers towards marinelife and the whole underwater eco system we have to be aware of what we are doing. This starts with actions such as not touching anything while diving. It continues by encouraging other divers to not harass marinelife or take memories such as coral heads. In a wider perspective it is also about supporting marine conservation groups and their demands. Shark fins, manta gills or whale meat don't help people who consume these things, they just do one thing: they interfere with the balance of marine wildlife and destroy marine habitats. This is why we want to raise awareness for marine wildlife by commenting on ongoing discussions and stating our opinion in favor of marine life and responsible divers!

Of course you are always welcome to contact us via the contact form or on our skype-account quality-diving.